Glosarij CD doo Sarajevo was established in June 2020 as a branch office of the parent company Glosarij CD Podgorica which has a rich thirty-year experience in promoting and selling drugs and medical devices.
Our range is currently based on groups of drugs from the fields of diabetology, oncology, rheumatology and antiviral drugs, with a tendency to expand the scope of action.
The main activity of “Glosarij CD” d.o.o. Sarajevo is the implementation of marketing activities with the engagement of eminent local and regional experts. In addition, our engagement is focused on all activities related to the procurement, storage and distribution of drugs to health institutions and patients.
With openness, honesty and trust, we build solid and stable relations with our business partners with whom we develop common aspirations to improve the health system in Bosnia and Herzegovina and facilitate the availability of drugs for all patients.


Is to help improve the health system and quality of life of every patient by supporting doctors and patients through continuous trainings and drugs distribution of innovative manufacturers. Through constant engagement, we base our business on the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and principles of Good Distribution Practice (GDP), introduce new programs to our range, maintain and improve the position on domestic market, improve people's life style, work on wellbeing of society in which we live and create an environment in which we will take care of people's needs and environment protection.


Is to improve business process through pharmaceutical wholesaler which will represent the most eminent world drug manufacturers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire Balkans and to ensure customer satisfaction, through the continuous expansion of the sales range, which meets the needs of individual customers, customers of pharmacies and other health institutions. We look at customer relations and suppliers as strategic and partner relations in all segments of joint business. Our vision is to expand business to other regions in the area and to be a synonym for a company that sets higher standards.


A young and dynamic team of sales and marketing experts as well as pharmacists, who monitor the launch and positioning of new products on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina have a key role in the activities of the company.


Glosarij CD doo Sarajevo is located at the address 14B, Rajlovačka St., where also the company’s main warehouse is.
We are positioned in such a way as to enable our connection to the network of main, regional and local roads, as well as highways.

The capacity of the warehouse allows storage of trade products in the amount which is sufficient in the current phase of the company’s development.

Modern electronic forms of business allow us to communicate with suppliers, buyers, and local community on the topics of business activities, marketing, promotions but also warning and even recall if needed.

Our intention is to develop and expand product placement in order to position ourselves as a regional leader in the field of our activity whose name is well-known as a synonym of quality to every buyer and user.