Fix TiWorker exe Windows modules installer worker High Disk Usage

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  • After removing the WMI Worker, you should see your disk usage return to normal.
  • Users have also found the app itself to be buggy and unwieldy.
  • He also claimed that his employment had been terminated because he had tried to blow the whistle on these inappropriate practices.
  • You can double-click on method names in both static and dynamic examples.

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How to Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker Max CPU

Fixing the Windows Modules Installer Worker is as easy as it can ever get. Let’s have a look at 3 ways in which you can fix the problem without compromising with your data and security. Windows 11/10 users may need to refer to this post to disable Automatic Windows Update. If you are using Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, open the ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘Windows Update’ and then on ‘Change settings’.

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It has happened many times that a Windows update installation is in progress or there is a bug in any received update file. Then it starts using available CPU and Disk resources. Disabling automatic updates will make it impossible for you to get the latest security patches, bug fixes effortlessly, and just about everything else that a Windows PC gets updated with. Copy and paste the following command into your command prompt window and press the “Enter” key. Before we get into the part this discusses the issue of high CPU usage, let us first get a firm grip on the concept of the Windows Modules Installer Worker.